Welcome to Vegan Identifier where restaurants and diners can quickly connect. Vegan Identifier is a convenient way for people who eat a plant based diet to find restaurants of all sorts and also a way for restaurants who offer vegan dishes to become more visible to their customers.


Interested restaurants with vegan options enter into an agreement with Vegan Identifier and get one of three rating depending on the number of options they offer. The restaurants also agree to train their staff on the Vegan Identifier program so diners looking to eat vegan can easily be pointed towards what they are looking for. In return the restaurants will be featured on the Vegan Identifier website and be given a window sticker for the storefront. They can also use the logo on menus and other promotional material making eating out on a plant based diet easier than ever.


You have already made the effort to cater to the plant eating crowd, why not get rewarded for it? According to a survey conducted by The Vegetarian Resource Group, at the end of 2011 7.5 million American considered themselves vegan, a figure that has doubled since 2009. The number of your customers who consider themselves vegan is only going to get bigger in the future. By joining Vegan Identifier you can welcome this growing customer base (and their non vegan friend that they dine with).


For those of us who have though about a plant based diet one of the biggest stumbling blocks is eating out. Where can I find food? Will the staff be sympathetic? Will I have to special order everything? Now those of us who want to go vegan, or even those of us who want to try a new dish, can do a quick check of Vegan Identifier or look for the Vegan Identifier label. When you see it you’ll know that not only are there options to try, but a wait staff that can help point you in the right direction.