Important Information – Please Read!

Do not use Vegan Identifier ratings if you have a food allergy. Always double check with your servers should you have a concern about possible ingredients.

Remember, when you look far enough up the supply chain nothing is perfectly vegan. For the purpose of the Vegan Identifier the term “vegan” will refer to foods that are plant based and generally fit the following description.

Free of meat of any kind including all forms of seafood.

Free of dairy products such as milk, cheese, butter, and cream.

Foods such as rice, beans, soup, and salad dressing will be free of meat and dairy additives such as chicken stock, pork, eggs, or dairy ingredients.

Items such as sugar, tortillas, or breads which can sometimes be made with traces of animal ingredients will be considered vegan as will anything cooked in the same oil or on the same grill as meat.

Again, always double check with the establishment where you are dining if you have any questions about an item’s ingredients. Remember the goal of Vegan Identifier is to make it easier to eat a plant based diet and not to achieve the impossible target of 100% vegan. We generally agree with PETA’s approach to vegan eating found here