Vegan Identifier Launches To Connect Vegan Diners To Restaurants

Vegan Identifier Launches To Connect Vegan Diners To Restaurants

vegan-identifier_logoSeptember 8, 2014 – Atlanta, Georgia

Vegan Identifier announced the launch of the Vegan Identifier Network this week, a network designed to connect vegan diners and restaurants that offer one or more vegan options. Created with the goal of making the restaurant experience easier for both vegans and restaurants, the Vegan Identifier Network will draw attention to any type of restaurant that offers at least one vegan menu choice by means of storefront “Identifier” logos, website listings, and in the near future, a mobile app.

As the popularity of vegan lifestyles increases steadily in the US, more restaurants are making accommodations for customers who don’t eat meat, eggs, honey, or dairy products. Many restaurants specialize in vegan food and even more are adding vegan options to their menus. Vegan Identifier makes it easier for these establishments to alert vegan customers of such options inside.

Restaurants in the Vegan Identifier network will be given one of three ratings; 100% vegan places will get a “Vegan” rating while the “Vegan Friendly” rating will go to restaurants with multiple or easily identifiable vegan items. The true innovation of Vegan Identifier lies in the third ratings category. The Vegan Option rating is reserved for restaurants that may not be the typical dining choice of vegans but does serve at least one vegan entree.

“This concept was a result of my constant travel. As a vegan on the road I really wished there was an easy way to tell if there were vegan options at unfamiliar restaurants without having to read through menu after menu.” said Spencer Pumpelly, the founder of Vegan Identifier. “It’s easy to find specialty vegan restaurants but it’s rare I can convince my travel partners to eat at those types of places. Having a quick way to verify if the mainstream places they wanted to go could accommodate me would have eliminated a daily hassle. With Vegan Identifier, we are doing just that.”

“This is also a huge benefit to the restaurants,” Pumpelly added. “They go out of their way to accommodate their vegan customers. Now they can finally let them know before even entering the establishment. It also makes it easier for the staff to fulfill special requests, by knowing exactly where to point their customers. Because they have agreed to list on the network, and have therefore trained their staff on all vegan options.”

The Vegan Identifier team will initially be reaching out to restaurants in the Atlanta area to create awareness and grow the network, with the ultimate goal of having nationwide listings.